Bob Dylan revisited

God said to Dylan, write me a song

Bob said, man, you’re putting me on.

God said no, you’re so wise

The news said you won a prize.


Oh I’m feeling stuck now said Bob with a whine

Let me start out on a bottle of wine

There must be a way out of here

That’s the news I want to hear.


You worry too much anyhow

God said, you should know by now

Listen to the ship’s bell

‘Cause you won the Nobel.


Nobel, said Bob, what the hell?

It rhymes with Belle, the Memphis Belle

Never heard of it, though it sounds hip

Gotta bring it back to the ship.


The countess told me to go to Oslo

I took the train but that was too slow

I thought I’d asked the mighty Quinn

He wasn’t in so I asked R.K. Linne.


Bob, he said, you need to dress so fine

Greet the queen and sip the wine

Go to Stockkolm as a complete unknown

Grab the prize and bring it home.


But should the hour be too late

For the poet to meet his fate

To grab his pants and get out of bed,

Then, my friend, I’ll go in your stead