Donald Trump’s tie

Donal Trump’s tie

"The time for empty talk is over”. A key phrase in
Trump’s inaugural speech. One is tempted to add
"The comedy is over”. After the rehearsal the real thing.

Dear Donald,

As a businessman you handed out orders.

As candidate you have provided entertainment.

As President-elect you appointed your “managers”.

As of today verbiage will no longer suffice. You will
have to make decisions and these decisions will have
consequences and you will have to deal with these
consequences and their consequences.

And your decisions affect others whose interests may
differ from yours. Those affected are not your employees.
They will defend their own interests, not accept orders.

In business, if you cannot make a deal you can walk
away. If it’s a recalcitrant employee all you need to
say is: “You are fired”. One wonders whether you have
given it any thought of what it takes to run a country,
live with the checks and balances of your Constitution
and deal with foreign countries some of which have their
own Donalds.

The comedy will turn into tragedy the day you throw in
the towel – before being impeached ? – or do something
irrevocable. When you go back to the business you know,
the world would have to live with your vice president. 
The greatest scientific power would end up in the hands
of a creationist 

By the way, your tie is always tied too long pointing to a
strategically important part of your anatomy. Why not
consult with Melania ? In her role of first lady she may have
some advice on the subject of etiquette.


Ilja Feldstein

Ilja Feldstein

Né à Hambourg et alumnus d'INSEAD, Ilja Feldstein a bâti sa carrière professionnelle dans des sociétés multinationales au Mexique, aux Etats-Unis et en Allemagne avant de s'établir en Suisse. Son sens aigu de l'indépendance l'a fait changer de cap pour travailler aujourd'hui seul, comme conseiller et courtier dans les domaine de l'investissement et de l'assurance.

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