Donald Trump – how to turn defeat into victory


Trump has always been clear about his objectives but never bothered

to tell his admirers by what means to achieve them.


The title of this blog could have been:


Donald Trump does not like to lose 


Once it becomes clear to braggadocious Trump that he cannot win the 

November election this brilliant salesman may surprise us all again.

How ?  By turning a defeat into victory. How ? By announcing


The comedy, the ultimate American dream, is over 


and that he does not want to preside over a political system as

 "rotten, rigged and failing” as that of the US but … 


…   that he enjoyed the show.


Did he not once say: “One of they key problems today is that politics is 

such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.” ?


And the world will take a deep breath.


His next project ?  A film production. 


Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

Subtitle: How to make America great again


Those close to Donald know that he likes being on screen. Thus he will 

assume the role of the towering Trump himself.


In the play President Trump will tell the Chinese what to do with their currency

and instruct them to abandon the South China Sea. He'll make the Mexicans pay 

for the wall by prohibiting the transfer of money by Mexicans living in the US to

their families in Mexico. He will show us how to send 11 million undocumented 

citizens to the moon by a low-cost carrier, lecture the Saudi’s on the values of 

free speech and tell the Dalaï Lama – with all due respect – that his strategy for 

Tibet is failing because of his lack of stamina.  


By convincing his NATO allies in Europe and Asia to double their defence 

budgets he will reduce the US budget deficit to zéro within 6 months.


As one of his major achievements he will point to having convinced the 

Canadians to pay for a wall, built on the Canadian side, to keep out wealthy 

US citizens who voted for Hillary. (No, the 30’000 e-mails will not feature in the 

play. The play is about Trump !)


In his war against political correctness Trump is looking for strong leaders to 

form new alliances. He will, in a complex plot involving a golf court in Hanoi, 

cuddle up to Kim Jong-un and subsequently install democracy in North Korea 

without a shot fired.


His attempts to recrute Putin as Secretary of State to deal with recalcitrant foreign 

powers fail because of unfinished business in Aleppo. 


After a secret consultation with the Pope and an unnamed Swiss politician he decides, 

rather than bombing the shit out of ISIS, to persuade the leader of the 

caliphate to move their headquarters from Raqqa to the safety of Vaduz. 


On the economic front, he demands that Bangladesh raise their minimum wage 

to $15. In case of refusal he threatens to build a wall around the whole country 

to be paid for by the World Trade Organization (WHO).


In a moving scene at the end of the film we will see Donald traveling to Kenya 

looking for birth certificates.




PS. It comes as a surprise to nobody that he will use pigs for all female roles for

      which he will apologise as convincingly as for anything he may have said

      about women dating back 15 years. 



Ilja Feldstein

Ilja Feldstein

Né à Hambourg et alumnus d'INSEAD, Ilja Feldstein a bâti sa carrière professionnelle dans des sociétés multinationales au Mexique, aux Etats-Unis et en Allemagne avant de s'établir en Suisse. Son sens aigu de l'indépendance l'a fait changer de cap pour travailler aujourd'hui seul, comme conseiller et courtier dans les domaine de l'investissement et de l'assurance.

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