In, out, on, above, behind, below: Prepositions in the Pandemic – 13

(English prepositions B1+)

How well do you know your English prepositions?

Here’s a little game for you.

Welcome to English in the Pandemic 13.


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Complete the sentences with the missing prepositions: after/to/through/under/ at/of/out etc…

You can check your answers below. The first one has been done for you. Let’s play. Good luck. 😊


  1. I am looking _ for­­­­_    my face mask. Did you look­­­­ _under_ your clothes on the chair? It might be _next_ +   _to_ the hand wash.


  1. I look forward _____ going back to school. I’m not really crazy _____ staying at home. I know some people are fond ____ staying at home.


  1. We must look _____ older people and protect them ____ the virus.


  1. There is no traffic _______ the road. It took me only five minutes to drive _____ Geneva.


  1. Unemployment will rise ____ doubt. Who know how many companies will go _____ + _____ business? We are all _____ the hammer, especially people who work ______ themselves. They’re really stressed _____.


  1. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be convinced ____ the seriousness of the corona virus. He is relying ______ private companies to come ____ with solutions.


  1. I am surprised ____ the reaction of some people to the virus. My sister is afraid ____ going out without her mask. This morning my son shouted angrily _____ me: You can’t stop me _____ going outside!


  1. I am excited _____ reading my new book: A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe. I hope it will keep my spirits ____.


  1. She is recovering _____ the virus at home. I am sure she will be up and _____ again in a few days.


  1. Police are keeping an eye ____ groups of people in the park.


  1. I insisted _____ helping my elderly neighbour with her shopping.


  1. I am an epidemiologist. I specialise ____ pandemics.  I am in charge ____ the pandemic team at the hospital. I am also responsible ______ the hospital pandemic policy. Like most doctors at the moment, I am _____ call 24/7.


  1. Most people are satisfied _____ the level of health care at the hospital.


  1. The corona virus resulted _____ an almost immediate change of behaviour.


  1. It stands _____ reason that we must all practise social distancing with older people.


  1. Don’t do that. It goes _____ the social distancing guidelines. It is important that we can count ____ everyone. Irresponsible behaviour can put us all _____ danger.



  1. for, under, next to
  2. to, about, of
  3. after, from
  4. on, through
  5. without, out of, under, for, out
  6. of, on, up
  7. by, of, at, from
  8. about, up
  9. from, about
  10. on
  11. on
  12. in, of, for, on
  13. with
  14. in
  15. to
  16. against, on, in

Expressions with prepositions:


I look forward toread more here

to be under the hammer – to be under pressure in a difficult situation

I have so much work and the deadlines are fast approaching. I am really under the hammer

stands to reason – it is obvious or logical

It stands to reason that we all must practice social distancing.

to keep an eye on – to watch or monitor carefully a person or situation

Can you keep an eye of my bag for a moment please?

John seems to have  few problems at work. Please keep an eye on him.


So, how did you go? Easy? Challenging?

Don’t stop now…

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It’s time we had a talk about time: during, while, for and since…

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